What not to do while visiting U.S.A.

Every country has their own set of rules, that they regard as good manners. Breaking these rules will end you up in the bad book of the local people. While visiting U.S., there are some things that you should never do. Here are some of the top things, that you should not try doing during your stay at the U.S.A.

1) Don’t infringe on personal space:

Respect people’s personal space; Image source: shutterstock.com

When you enter into the visual or peripheral field zone of American people, they can get very uncomfortable. They might check their phones falsely, look away and even wear glasses. These are the signs that they don’t want confrontation. Like a Hula Hoop buffer, they are fond of having their personal space. Also, talking to strangers in restrooms is not appreciated. Crossing the restricted border of one’s personal space will end you up in a bad situation.

2) Don’t creep on women:

Do not be a creep; Image source: askmen.com

Staring at women in United States can get them very uncomfortable. The foreign flirting codes won’t work here and they might end up calling the police. Of course, staring without any cause is not advisable and appreciated in any place.

You can go talk to her instead of staring, to show your interest. Sometimes, women can be very polite and friendly with you, But do not take their friendliness as an invitation for something else.

3) Do not compare other countries with U.S.A.:

Americans can appear to be touchy when you compare other countries or your own one with their country. They boast very often about their country. Although, if you notice something wrong in their words and have counter logic to prove it, you should speak up. Because morals come before good manners.

4) Keep Moving:

Always keep moving; Image source: shutterstock.com

Americans do not like to wait. When you are walking in the streets, always move with the flow. If you are not willing to keep up with other people on the pedestal, or just have to check something, stand aside from the crowd and let others walk. There is no faster way of pissing off an American than to block their progress.

Also, avoid the left side of the aisle way, hallway, sidewalks, pavements, through doors and around corners. Stick to this habit. If you are walking with a group, form a line and follow each other. Do not block the roads walking side by side.

5) Don’t try to explain football:

Try not to feel weird when Americans starts to get excited while discussing hockey, basketball or the Super Bowl, other than discussing popular games like football. Americans can turn out to be super patriot fan when they are cornered.

6) Do not take terrorism as a joke:

Jokes about bombs, guns or terrorist attacks in front of the Americans will make them suspect if you are a terrorist yourself. Even there is a common notion that most Americans have wrong ideas and often relate Muslims and terrorism together. You can explain yourself. But support their sensitive side and do not try to sell terrorism as a funny topic.

7) Do not forget to offer tips:

In other countries, one might usually tip if they get a good service. But in the US, people practice the common habit of paying tips to waitresses and waiters. 20% is an acceptable rate of tipping, but tipping below it will get you frowns from the servers. Also, practice your best manners in the restaurants you are dinning in. Calling the waiter by whistling or snapping your finger is also needed to be avoided.

8) Don’t get touchy with the Americans:

Americans do not like to be touched by strangers. Hand shakes are fine but hugging is not applicable. If you know the person well or someone leans forward for a hug, then you can go for it. When you are standing in a line, maintain a distance for approximately .75 to 1 meter.

9) Do not discuss about race, gender and obesity:

Americans can prove to be very sensitive people. So be careful in choosing topic about what to discuss with them. Asking someone why they are so fat or making comments about someone’s skin tone might be very usual in the sub-continent (although you should avoid doing these anywhere), but in America it’s all about ‘Loving your image’.

10) Never interact with children without permission:

Do not be affectionate with children without consent; Image source: The Guardian

Pulling the cheeks of a child or hugging, pecking a child of someone else is quite common in Asian countries. But showing such affection will raise some eyebrows in the US. People here are strictly cautious about pedophiles and strangers, so you can get into some bad situations.


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