Top Ten Trips For Adventure Junkies

There is nothing more joyous than a soulful adventurous trip. Day to routine life often becomes a monotony to us. Sometimes, soul seeks vacation, a refreshing tour. And if the tour makes adrenaline rush through the body with full of adventurous things, that becomes a dream tour for those who are crazy for adventure. Let’s see such 10 adventures.

1) Dive with the Great White Sharks in Australia:

Diving with the Great White Sharks; Image source:

Australia has the largest water reef in the world and this has got the water-loving people hooked for decades. If you are looking to add more to your trip than just snorkeling, then go for the extremes. The adventure tour company Dive Worldwide gives you a once in a lifetime chance to swim with the great predators underwater, the Great White Sharks.

The voyage takes you deep into the pristine blue water of the Neptune Island in South Australia, where you get to face the massive sharks directly. Besides these aggressive marine mammals, you will also get to swim around with the Stingrays, Sea Lions, Seals and other underwater creatures as well.

2) Climb to Mount Everest’s Base Camp:

Everest Base Camp; Image source:

It is the dream of many hikers to climb the base camp of Mount Everest. A hiking trip to the jaw dropping Himalayas, crossing past the Gokyo Lakes and climbing up to 17600 feet up to the south base of the world’s highest mountain, will certainly give you a major adrenaline rush.

The intense and fantastic adventurous 15-day long itinerary will allow one to immerse into more adventures than a regular trek. The hike up to the base camp of Mount Everest is considered one of the toughest hiking in the world.

3) Trek to Ciudad Perdida:

Hiking to the lost city of Colombia, also known as ‘Ciudad Perdida’ is considered one of the world’s most challenging hikes. The trekking trip starts from Santa Maria and reaches a striking height of 3937 feet at the ruins of Teyuna.

Hikers will get the opportunity to pass through the green forests with more than 110 percent humidity, cross rough rocky and uneven pathways, deep river basins and narrow hostile mountain passages. The Lost City lives up to it’s name. Many parts of the city have still been remained untouched and undiscovered by people, unlike Machu Picchu.

4) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail:

This specific trail has gained its fame due to the success of Cheryl Strayed’s novel ‘Wild’. The Pacific Crest Trail is tricky and stretches from Mexico to Canada, covering more than 2000 miles. It is one of the most complex trails in the North America. While setting foot on this hike, you will cross paths with the icy peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the gigantic high Mount Rainier, the vast Mojave Desert and uneven gorges of Yosemite National Park.

5) Veer off-road, Peru:

The Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rain forest are two of the most terrific playgrounds of Latin America. Smack around in a Toyota Hilux and explore these two exciting places. You will master the most thrilling experience, having the guide in radio contact, bashing from the Nazca desert to the Sacred Valley.

6) Stroll with Samurai, Japan:

Although japan has many scenic places to visit, but there are some parts of the country that are less populated, less explored. Exploring one such place, like the legendary western Honshu will be a memorable quest for one. The trails are gentle, that leads through rusty shores, rural countryside. You will also win a chance to visit the ancient Takadono valley, the source of steel for Samurai Swords. You can explore such strolling options in the Walk Japan’s website.

7) Be a Pilgrim in Ireland and Spain:

You must have to walk at least 62 miles or 100 km if you want to earn a Pilgrim certificate in Santiago de Compostela. But in Ireland, you can skip some of the trails and complete a 16 mile/25 km Irish pilgrimage. Cross the Kerry Camion and the Dingle Peninsula on the way.

8) Dive into Myth and Music in Germany:

The famous German composer and musician, J S Bach, traveled from Arnstadte to Lubeck searching for musical inspiration in 1705. Martin Randall’s ‘When Bach went Awol’ trip has the traces of the exact route Bach had used during his expedition. This musical road trip will allow you to frequently stop for strolls in pine forests, medieval towns and the mythical Harz Mountains.

9) Greet Gorillas in Rwanda:

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda; Image source: Getty Images

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Rwanda is just the place for you! Coming face to face with the Gorillas here can offer you a bewildering experience. As far as wildlife encounter goes, meeting the Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park is one of its kind. There are 12 Gorilla families residing in the park right now and this is the only place across the world where you can see mountain Gorillas.

10) Walk Wild in Namibia:

You can get in touch with one of the most untouched wildernesses of Namibia, setting on a multi day guided hiking trip through the Grootberg. This trip includes ascending the Crystal Mountain, sleeping on mats under dark night sky and looking for desert adapted wildlife.


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