Top Ten Travel Agencies In Europe

The buzzing nightlife of historical Berlin, the wonderful new Nordic dining of Copenhagen, the clear lakes of Slovenia, the sunny Mediterranean coast, rugged Scottish Highlands, Italy’s Renaissance art, age-old monuments in Rome, Indonesian Rijstaffel of Amsterdam, the Imperial cafes of Vienna- Europe has all the things that one need.

The magical and magnificent continent with cities packed with arts, history, culture, heritage, scenic beauties, delicious foods, is anything and everything.

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Planning a trip can prove to be very stressful to some people. Here are some top tour agencies of Europe that can show you around:

1) Trafalgar:

Trafalgar is one of the most established tour agencies in Europe, delivering loads of interesting and affordable varieties of tours since 1947. At that time, the concept of ‘going on tours’ had just started and Trafalgar had been on the front-line ever since. Trafalgar offers great chances to meet like-minded travelers, who loves to explore cultural and historical aspect of the places they are visiting.

Its arrangement does not include any hostel facilities but has numerous options to choose from. So, it’s a no surprise how this popular tour agency is familiar amongst travelers who prefer to have a classical touch in their travel planning. Trafalgar also is favorite amongst the adventure junkies. And moreover, it provides affordable tour options quite avidly.

2) G Adventures:

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G Adventures is one of the leading tour agencies in Europe with all its facilities. It lets you roam around Europe adding any additional recreation to your plans. A traveler at heart, Bruce Poon Tip, discovered his idea of establishing a tour agency after his backpack trip around Europe and thus founded this agency. G Adventures focuses on changing people’s lives, rather than just helping with holiday planning.

It offers you options to solely explore the places you are visiting. You will get to eat at local restaurants, meet local people, use the local transports and practice sustainable travelling. From Classic to Active To YOLO, you can choose from many tour options. Although G Adventures is suitable for all kinds of travelers, it is much more favorable to the people who are dare-devil and does not back off from taking risks.

The company had a traditional age range (18-39), but recently it has moved away from it. You can get taste of authentic traveling with G Adventures, going on one of their active tours!

3) Contiki:

Contiki tours will offer you the perfect getaway. If you are aged between 18 to 35 years and are looking for something adventurous, then Contiki is just the agency for you. There are many ranges that is provided by Contiki: ‘High Energy’, which does what it says on the tin, ‘In Depth Explorer’ for cultural travel, multi-country ‘Discover’ tours that have a wide mix of activities and destinations.

Contiki offers fun loving activities for people who enjoy exploring both at night and in broad daylight. 50% of the people who goes on a Contiki tour, are solo travelers and one can find many friendly, adventure seeking people here.

4) Intrepid Tours:

From the name, one can easily guess the kind of traveling options Intrepid Tours agency provides. This specific tour agency is all about real life experiences. Consisting tour groups of maximum 10 people, Intrepid Tours will get you up close with the local culture and will set you into bug detours from the beaten track. If you are a super planner yourself, then you should avoid this agency.

There is no age limit required to go on Intrepid Tours and there are options like- ‘Basix’ tours for those who are on a shoestring, ‘Original’ with bit more to offer and ‘Comfort’ providing the highest level of activities and accommodation. Also, the ‘Iceland Discovery’ tour for something truly different.

5) BusAbout:

BusAbout is a wallet-friendly tour agency that helps to make you an affordable trip in Europe. There is a huge network of local buses, where you ae provided with all kinds of comfort options and can transport anywhere, without checking your wallet.

6) Avalon Waterways:

For high-end cruises and sheer relaxations, Avalon Waterways offers tours from super budget to super luxe. Going to one of their tours, you can witness the serene natural backdrop along with a glass of wine and fine food, gliding on the majestic rivers of Austria and Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and so on. You can also explore the magnificent Danube river cruising with Avalon Waterways.

7) Topdeck:

Topdeck is another tour agency in Europe that focuses on making memorable trip plans for people who are aged between 18-30. This agency has 46 years of experience and has a range of award-winning global products.

8) Expat Explore:

With a motto of “Travel made possible”, Expat Explore has many tour options. Going on a Expat tour, you will allow yourself to have a fun, convenient and affordable travel memory. Expat has more than 60 itineraries that explores many far-sight destinations of Europe.

9)  Haggis Adventures:

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In the 1993, a team of Scottish people started the backpacker company named ‘Haggis Adventure’. Their tours will allow you discover Scotland at its best .

10) Arctic Adventures:

Having over 30 years of experience in planning tours in Iceland, Arctic Adventures is one of the top tour agencies in Europe. This agency provides wide range if guided adventures in Iceland, which includes exploring the glaciers, mountains and other naturalistic sites. You can also get to experience ice climbing and cross country skiing, with environmental sustainability and utmost safety.


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