Top Ten Tourist Friendly Countries Around The World

Dingle, Ireland- May 29, 2006: Fishing boats docked to the piers of Dingle Harbor with green hills and mountains as a backdrop.

It is said that, ‘It feels good to be lost in the right direction’. Well, exploring countries is one way of getting lost in the right way. But travelling includes having experiences from the local people. If the place you are visiting has a tourist friendly environment then nevertheless you are going to have a wonderful experience. Here are 10 tourist friendly countries around the world:

1) New Zealand:

Emerging straight out of a fairy tale, New Zealand has some wonderful natural backdrops that attract numerous travelers every year. Because of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, almost all people has witnessed the snow-capped mountains, the dark mysterious caves, the magnificent waterbodies, the quiet waterfalls, volcanic forests and the golden beaches of New Zealand.

Other than having out-of-this-world scenery, the people of New Zealand or the ‘Kiwis’ are known to be very generous and friendly. They have a very positive attitude towards life and will welcome you with open hands.

Kiwis; Image source:

2) Scotland:

Scotland was voted as one of the friendliest countries of the world by the readers of Rough Guide online travel magazine. The accent of the people here, the free whiskey and the epic sceneries will give a memorable experience while you are exploring this beautiful county. With the wild highlands, there is a lot of place for the Scottish to escape into the landscapes.

The escapes allow them to be closer to earth. They will even laugh at themselves and will rarely take anything seriously. Ever notice how some of the greatest comedians are from Scotland? No wonder they are so much fun to be around.

3) Iceland:

Icelandic people; Image source:

Iceland may have a chilly weather but the hearts of the people here are warm as it can be. One can expect at least little grumpiness from the people of Iceland, who sees only a few hours of sunlight. Let it be the magic of the famous Icelandic elves, but the locals here seem to be always smiling! The scenic beauty of Iceland definitely plays a role here, with all it’s glacial lagoons, velvety black sand beaches, soaring volcanoes, roaring waterfalls, hot springs and awe-striking landscapes.

4) Canada:

Canada is a vast country with variegated landscapes. People here, in all the provinces, are extremely kind and polite. This makes Canada on the top four of this list. Traveling in Canada is made easy because of the people here, who will help you with anything.

From offering you accommodation to becoming your local guide, the Canadians are always welcoming towards the foreigners. Canadians are so polite, that when they bump with a tree, they will apologize for it. You won’t hear blaring of car hones when you are stuck in traffic jams in bug cities like Toronto and Montreal.

5) Nepal:

Nepalese; Image source:

Nepal can easily be called ‘heaven on earth’, with the majestic Himalayas and glorifying natural beauties. The local here have to struggle all through their lives, but you won’t see sign of sadness on their faces ever. With assorted ethnic groups of people living in the country, Nepal has more than 3000 temples, 1200 monasteries and 12 of the 14 tallest mountains in the world. The Nepalese people have been voted as the ‘Nicest people on the planet’ by a number of travel surveys.

6) Austria:

Probably the first thing that comes into the mind when you hear Austria’s name is the ‘Sound of Music’. Besides lush green mountains and blue skies, the cities of Austria are filled with historical architectural wonders and breathtaking view of the Alps. The residents here have been known for their friendliness and hospitality for years. Do not get startled when you see a Austrian greeting you at the streets, it’s a part of their good behavior.

7) Laos:

Laos is often mentioned by travelers as one of the most tourist friendly countries in the world. Friendliness is just considered as a way of life in this south-east Asian nation. Your chance of hearing a raised voice is rare here. People here are very chirpy and positive, despite the country’s tragic history. The locals will probably ask you to join them for a Beerlao, a popular beer served on ice when you are enjoying a glorious river sunset in Mekong. Be sure to join them to have a pleasant time.

8) The Philippines:

Made up from 7000 beautiful Islands, the Philippines is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world. One can experience the diversity of different culture here, along with different outdoor activities.

9) Ireland:

Irish; Image source:

Being one of the most scenic countries on earth, Ireland is also famous for its friendly and loving locals. They will welcome you like a long-lost friend. The Emerald Isle here, is one of the places where you are highly likely to make several new friends.

Take some time to plan a trip to island’s spectacular sights from Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland to the breathtaking Ring of Kerry in the southwest, but be sure to make some local friends. The generosity of the Irish people is incomparable.

10) Thailand:

Often referred as the ‘land of smiles’, the whole of Thailand is friendly and full of warm hearts. You will find buzzing bazaars, pristine lakes, mysterious forests, picturesque beaches here. But the welcoming attitude of the people here will make your trip here a great one.


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