Top Ten Scariest Adventure Rides Across The World

While some may not appreciate the quickened pulse or the rush of adrenaline or the thrill while going down the roller, there are some people who live for this kind of amusement. The following list have some of the most terrifying rides around the world that you might like to take a shot at:

1) X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles, USA:

Formerly known as ‘X’, this was the world’s first fourth dimensional ride. But the X roller coaster got closed in 2007. But it has emerged recently with more spine-tingling new tunnels and visual enhancements. With a unique design, the seats of X2 can rotate 360 degrees forward and backwards. It climbs 53 meters into the sky and the riders are faced backwards while doing so. The first drop is dropped from 215 feet and the train reaches up to 76 mph at this time.

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2) Fahrenheit, Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, USA:

Located in Hershy Park, the Fahrenheit Roller Coaster was inaugurated in 2008. It stands on the frontier section of the park, and is now 7th in line as the steepest roller coaster of the world. Exiting the station, the train takes a 135 degree turn.

It climbs to a height of 121 feet. Having the riders facing the ground directly it falls into a 97 degree drop. It doesn’t end here. With the Norwegian loop, two invasion cobra roll and other up-down steering trip, no wonder it is one of the scariest rides in the world!

3) Insanity Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA:

The STRAT hotel, formerly known as Stratosphere, is a Casino and SkyPod located in Los Angles in USA. This thrill ride is 900 feet tall, dangling its riders with mechanical arm like figures and later on, starts spinning in the open air at a 70-degree angle.

At the same time, it starts reaching up to 40 mph. One can speculate a magnificent bird’s eye view from the ride if they manage to keep their eyes open.

4) Sky Scream Roller Coaster, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany:

A horror themed roller coaster, Sky Scream Roller Coaster is located in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and has proved its name to be worthy. The roller coaster goes all the way round is 150 ft. tall. Running with 62 mph for top speed, this roller coaster has some serious flips and inversions.

5) Kingda Ka, New Jersey, USA:

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Kingda Ka is the fastest roller coaster of North America and is the tallest one of the entire world! This wicked adventure ride will take you up to 456 ft. in the air and will drop you at 90 degrees with a 418 ft. drop. With a whooping speed of 128 mph, Kingda Ka will give you all the adrenaline rush you want to feel!

6) Tower of Terror II, Queensland, Australia:

The Dream World Amusement Park on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia has an epic steel shuttle roller coaster that can scare you to death. The Tower of Terror II will take you on a ride of 115-meter-high and then you will let you fall on an absolute zero gravity drop of 6.5 seconds.

7) Colossus, Surrey, England:

The ‘ruins of Atlantean Civilization’ themed Colossus roller coaster, is situated at the Thorpe Park in Surrey, United Kingdom. This roller coaster is currently holding a world record for having the highest number of invasions, including a vertical loop, two cobra rolls, two corkscrews and five heartline rolls. This ride covers a 98ft height, at speed of 45 mph and takes approximately 90 seconds in total with all its spins and loops.

8) Expedition GeForce, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany:

Expedition GeForce is one of the largest roller coasters in Europe with a 82 degrees first drop. Placed at the Holiday park in Rhineland-Palatinate this trip goes for 1.15 minutes and will take you up to 174 ft upwards.

9) Superman Ride of Steel, Massachusetts, USA:

Consisting of 5 airtime hills and 2 helixes, the Superman Ride of Steel in Massachusetts of USA will give you the experience of flying into the sky with a cape. A 208-feet lift hill, a 221-feet drop and over 1-mile track is featured in this glorious ride.

10) Nothing But Net, Texas Zero Gravity Theme Park, USA:

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If bungee jumping or skydiving hasn’t quenched your thirst for adventure, then this ride will surely will. The Nothing But Net ride will drop you from 130 feet with any bungee, or parachute or any kind of straps dangling across your body. Yes, you have heard it right! You will be close to inviting your death for sure. This horrific tremendous adventure ride is located in Dallas at the Texas Zero Gravity Theme Park.


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