Some of the most adventurous treks in Europe

Europe is the sightseeing heaven for the travelers with its prominent history, art, culture, lifestyle, cuisines and beautiful cities. With all those things, the city also has lots of adventure to offer to the adventure junkies. It is said that long distance trekking was invented in Europe almost a century ago.

From Idyllic landscape to mountain range with thrilling heights, snow covered mountain spears to hospitable villages with grassy fields, this compact continent has every rewarding hiking experience with whatever type of terrain one can ask for. Though, Europe has so many fulfilling hiking terrains to offer, here we will mention some of the most dramatic and adventurous trekking trails which outdoorsy trekkers can’t put off from their bucket list.

Alpine trek of Tour Du Mont Blank; Image Source:

Tour Du Mont Blank

The highest mountain of European Union, is not only famous for its summits but also for its majestic valleys extending across France, Italy and Switzerland. Known as the best hiking spot in Europe, it ranges 170km, circumnavigating the entire Mount Blanc Massif in the Western Alps. TDM is usually an anti-clockwise trek of 11 days around the Mont Blank Massif providing plenty of route variations and route customization facilities.

Although it’s a physically challenging hike, it allows to enjoy the most pictorial view of this continent. The hike usually begins from Chamonix in southeastern France, and continues through some prominent villages like Courmayeur in Northern Italy.

Kungsleden Trail

Kungsleden aka The Kings Trail located in the extreme north of Sweden gives the hikers’ authentic feel of wild Nordic beauty. This terrain in summer is used by adventure loving hikers and in winters by cross country skiers.

The whole route consists of four treks, each of 110 km. One can choose all of the hikes or any specific one or two. One of this hikes take trekkers from Abisko to Nikkaluokta, providing a view of the highest peak in Sweden, the stark Mount Kebnekaise.


Gr20 is a 180 km long trail crossing the Mediterranean island of Corsica diagonally like its spine with its single mountain range. It is considered to be Europe’s toughest hiking trail with one section so steep that permanent chains have been bolted in the rocks to help the hikers negotiate the terrain.

A good level of fitness is needed to hike on this trail. The entire trail is divided into 15 segments, each takes one day to cross. All the hurdles of this arduous trail washes away with amazing views, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Laugavegur or Laugavegurinn

Locally known as Hot Spring Route, it is a 54 km long trail with diverse landscape, where the terrain changes distinctly frequently. This amazing trail also has active volcanos, majestic mountains, lava fields, expensive glaciers, ice caves, canyons and black arctic deserts.

Everything one adventurous hiker would want to experience in earth offered by a just 2-4 days walk. One can lengthen the hike by combining this trek with the Fimmvörðuháls trail for an additional 2 days of walking. 

Rainbow over Laugavegur or Laugavegurinn trail; Image Source:

Eagle Walk

This 412km long trail travels through Tirol crossing east to west, the whole length of Austria. In map, the walk at some point looks like a flying Eagle spreading the wings all over Tirol. This hiking trail offers one of the most prominent Alpine scenery.

The whole trail is divided into 33 different stages from Kaiser Mountain Range to Arlberg and from Venediger to Grossglockner Mountains in East Tirol. The best thing about Eagle Walk trail is that it offers hiking terrain for all levels of hiker and one could access the route from several regions across Tirol.

Westweg in Black forest

Grim forest of Westweg in Germany; Image Source:

The Westweg or the West Way is known as the birthplace of the idea of hiking itself. From founding in 1900, this trail is still overrun by Germans as well international hikers. As a part of European Long Distance Trail E1, Westweg runs from North to South of the country.

It runs all the way from Pforzheim to Basel, crossing the Black Forest in south-west Germany on the way. Most of the trails of this area runs through the dark forests, which inspired the brothers Grimm. So, for a true adventure romantic, this 285 km long hike is considered to be trekking heaven.


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